Hair needs constant care, every time we change our habits, diet, climate and environment it can undergo stress and get damaged.

Whether you are a full-time traveler or a part-time traveller, it is good to follow some tips that will allow you to always have your hair at its best even in difficult conditions.


Clearly I’m not a professional in the cosmetic sector but I’ve done a lot of research on it, since I have very delicate hair and I often had to cut it or do expensive treatments to get it back in shape every time I returned from a trip. Now I’ve managed to avoid all this and I want to share with you my beauty secrets that have allowed me to have healthy and shiny hair even during my travels , without having to resort to scissors all the time.


Obviously each of us is different, that’s why I will limit myself to giving some advice that can be adapted to all hair types in general.




The very first way to be able to leave with already strong hair is to try to have a healthy diet, at least two weeks before departure. They need proteins and vitamins that are present in meat, fish and vegetables.


It is important to know that the hair is made up of a high percentage of keratin, a solid protein.


What the hair needs is found not only in foods but also in natural food supplements that can help us where the classic diet does not arrive.


For example, we could integrate infusions and herbal teas that help strengthen the hair or use ready-made solutions that can be purchased in pharmacies or online from expert companies in the integration sector. I suggest trying everyone who is in the sports arena, they are usually the most reliable. Personally I often use Snep products , but you can use the ones you feel best with.


Click the link below if you want to peek at the catalog and see the products I usually buy.

Snap catalogue



“If you give love to your hair they will pay you back” this sentence was told to me by my first hairdresser. I was 16 and had a bush on my head, I also lived in another city where, for example, it was easy to get frizzy hair because there was always a lot of humidity. She told me the words mentioned before because she knew that if you have delicate hair it is important to use the right products.


I always buy them on Capello Point , it’s the ideal shop to get our professional products without spending too much. You can buy pre-prepared travel kits or, like I do, you can buy a reusable mini travel kit to always carry around the essentials that our hair needs. Another cheaper and also faster method for a last second trip are the testers that are given to us in perfumeries or cosmetic shops, I found them very useful if I didn’t have too much time available.

“Using mini travel kits or testers given to us in perfumery”. – SEO specialist


The link below to access the Capello Point catalog, only with this link you will have access to the discounts.

Capello Point Catalogue





Let’s make sure together with our trusted hairdresser what the products we will bring with us must contain, if they must contain more argan, honey, keratin, coconut, etc… . So as not to make a mistake in the purchase. Tell him where you will go and what kind of climate there will be and if you have more or less an idea what you will eat. His advice will be invaluable.




In some circumstances it will be necessary to tie up our hair, so let’s remember to bring rubber bands, pliers, bobby pins etc… . We may also need a hair dryer and a travel straightener . I always wear them for safety, they don’t take up space and they’ve always been useful to me, they can always be purchased in the Capello Point shop .




If you travel with friends you can also consider the option of dividing the various products so as to also divide the shopping. If you would like a free consultation on products or which supplements to use for your hair, you can write to the email You will be scheduled to meet with an expert. If you have any questions, write them in the comments. Leave a like and follow me on my social channels to know the personalized discount codes for hair products.

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